Be Magnificent. Be Opulent. Be You.

Bride, we are celebrating you! You’re unique and your dress will reflect that. You’re not walking into another bridal shop. You’re walking into a celebration. In this bridal gown you will pledge a lifetime of memories. You’ll feel magnificent. You’ll feel opulent. And you’ll still feel like you.

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Dresses Found at Opulence Bridal

Every bride deserves to be pampered and celebrated as she searches for her dream dress. We play such a small part in your big day, but we take our role seriously. When you step into our shop, we want you to immediately feel relaxed and know this time is all about celebrating you.
Be Magnificent. Be You. Be Opulent.

At Opulence Bridal, we believe you’ll find the dress that allows you to be all three as you pledge your life to another. Our dresses are elegant, unique and can’t be found anywhere else locally. We’ve helped brides discover their dream dress from Henderson, KY all the way to New Zealand! We understand the stress associated with planning a wedding. But, searching for your dress should be a day filled with fun memories, not stress. Here, we’ve created a relaxed, comfortable and fun atmosphere that is focused on you, the bride! There’s no pressure to choose a dress, it’s all about discovering the dress. 

You aren’t just another bride. You are you. You’re unique and your dress will reflect that. You’re not walking into another bridal shop. You’re walking into a celebration of you. In this dress you will pledge a lifetime of memories. You’ll feel magnificent. You’ll feel opulent. And you’ll still feel like you. 

What you’ll find at Opulence Bridal

Gorgeous designs, handpicked by our owner, Ashley!

We are the only boutique in the area where you will find the following bridal designers’ gowns offered. Our gowns run from $1,100 – $3,200, though we always have a sale going with discontinued sample dresses, as well.  

    • KittyChen
    • KittyChen Couture
    • IVOIRE by KittyChen
    • Jessica Morgan
    • Rebecca Ingram
    • Ella Rosa by Kenneth Winston
    • New, privately curated line from Australia, Ashleigh Rose Couture (you cannot find these in other stores or online!) 

The name on the tag isn’t what’s important to us though, we want to make sure you feel beautiful, opulent and completely you as you walk down the aisle.

Quality, classic fits featuring elegant lace and timeless embellishments.

Though we have some of the classic bridal styles, we always carry unique designs you won’t find anywhere else in the area. 

Sample dresses that are always on sale.

This is a small section of our boutique where you’ll find discontinued wedding dresses by our designers. But don’t worry, each of these dresses are owned 100% by Opulence Bridal and are always handled with pristine care.

Elegant bridal accessories from tiaras, veils, to jewelry

that will give you that extra opulent touch on your wedding day. These are discounted for our Opulent Brides but even if you find your gown elsewhere, give us a call and see if our accessories match what you’re looking for.

Modern and traditional dresses to fit every bride.

With each bride’s uniqueness in mind, we carry sample dresses in sizes 4 through 26. We want every bride to feel gorgeous and elegant as she walks down the aisle. 

Read a Letter to Our Brides!

Tips for Choosing Your Dream Dress

  • Build a Pinterest Board or a scrapbook of your favorite styles and design features, then share it with us!

After you’ve scheduled your appointment, we’ll get to know each other a little before you step inside the shop. Our goal is to set up the shop for you, pulling dresses that fit your vision. No two appointments are alike here! 

  • Bring 1-2 key decision makers with you to the bridal shop, people whose opinions you value most.

Listen to your heart while taking into consideration those whose opinions you revere the most. Remember we are all here for you, the bride. 

  • Leave the body shaming at the door.

Remember we are not here to judge how you look in any style of dress. We are here to help you discover the dress you feel comfortable and magnificent in. Sometimes that takes trying on a few duds before we find the ONE! Trust us, we are skilled in pairing your taste/style with your body type. 

  • Be willing to try on something you may not like at first glance.

We have worked with a lot of brides to help them discover the dress. Many times, the style they like best in magazines isn’t the best style for them. We are skilled at helping you find the dress that not only fits, but accentuates your beautiful features. We’ve been known to recommend a particular dress a bride would never have considered before, only to find that it’s exactly what she always wanted. Let us help! You might be surprised at what you discover. 

  • Decide on your budget and priorities.

Be honest from the start about your budget. This will help us show you options within your price range. But, we also recommend prioritizing your budget. Is the dress #1? Is the location? The photographer? Etc. Then, mark a few things you might be able to cut or pull back on if you decide you need a little more for your top item. Decide now what’s most important to you so it eases your stress later in the decision making process.

  • Remember who you are.

When you walk into Opulence Bridal, remember we’re celebrating YOU. No one else. So, don’t buy a dress just because someone else loves it. Don’t buy a dress because you think someone else will love it. Don’t buy a dress just because it fits and it’s within your budget. Buy the dress because it makes you feel magnificent, opulent and completely you.

Have you made your appointment yet? We close the entire shop down to focus solely on you, the bride! We offer private appointments Tuesday – Saturday from 10am-6pm.

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